A Dose of harbor country

On Monday, we piled in the old Dose RV (wishful thinking), brought along our friends at Potluck Creative, and drove up to Harbor Country in Southwest Michigan to see what Journeyman Distillery, Greenbush Brewing and LOCAL were distilling/brewing/seasoning up for their Dose debut on October 14th.

1:00PM – Arrive at Journeyman Distillery in Three Oaks, Michigan and sample their new Featherbone Bourbon, named after the historic Featherbone Factory the distillery calls home.

1:30PM – Chat with Journeyman owner and founder, Bill Welter, about Tasmania, Journeyman’s decision to use only organic ingredients and the importance of Michigan as an agro-tourism destination. Bill shows us the results of a recent collaboration with Greenbush Brewing, our next stop.

2:50PM – Drive 6.5 miles down the road to Greenbush Brewing. Chat with Jill, Ambassador of Everything at Greenbush, about what makes a good pumpkin beer (real pumpkin and just the right amount of spice), while brewer Pete sneaks us a taste before it goes in the keg.

3:15PM – Bear witness to the Unicorn Killer! Unicorn Killer is Greenbush’s pumpkin beer –only brewed in small batches up to this point. Pete explains he is still working on perfecting the recipe for Dose.

4:45PM – Hop over to New Buffalo to pay Pat + Ellie Mullins a visit at their shop LOCAL. Chat with Pat (Ellie is over at Greenbush working behind the bar) about the success of their famous labor of love, Bacon Jam.  The sign may say sold out, but Pat + Ellie tell us they have a big batch planned for Dose. Did you know it takes two FULL days to make Bacon Jam?

5:10PM  – Pause our interview while Pat helps several of LOCAL’s regular customers as they stock up on fresh veggies, meats and cheeses for the week.

5:50PM  – We can’t resist. Pat wraps up a beautiful ribeye, spicy fennel sausage, bright yellow heirloom tomato  and a ball of whole milk mozzarella for our dinner.

6:10PM  – Head back to Greenbush to say hi to Ellie and enjoy one last beer before we head back to Chicago.

Meet our new Dosers and sample their wonderful products at Dose Market on October 14!

We were lucky to have our friends at Potluck Creative along to document our day – video coming soon…