Ode to Pie

I have a mama and I love her dear,
But when I crave pie the choice is clear:
Hoosier Mama is the holy mother,
When it comes to crust there is no other.
Buttery, rich, and oh-so sinful,
I’m known to eat it by the tinful.
Seasonal fruits, berries galore,
Paula shops the market for what’s in store.
Classic apple, chocolate cream,
Ginger custard is supreme.
But if your tooth is not so sweet,
Mama’s got a savory treat.
Meat hand pies — you’ll need no fork,
Stuffed with tasty seasoned pork,
Or maybe beef or local lamb,
Either way, it’s a grand slam.
If you’re clad in spandex or a roomy shirt,
And enjoy sipping your dessert,
Order a pie shake from Mama P,
Available for the second time only.
She’ll take some pie — it’s eater’s choice,
Add some ice cream (hail, rejoice!),
Throw it in a whirring blender,
Proving her prowess as a vendor.
Voila le pie shake in all its glory,
And thus we end this pastry story.
The moral here is no surprise:
Be good to your mama and bad to your thighs.

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