artfully disheveled

Doser: Artfully Disheveled

Founders: Chris Berre, Trey Berre, Michael Palmer

What’s your favorite step in the design-to-market process?: “I love creating our collection story. Every AD collection is built around a story and every piece fits within that story. Our first collection was a little more “loose” as we were testing the waters to see how our Artfully Disheveled lifestyle would go over with others. That collection is “Beg, Borrow & Steal” and the story or lesson depicts doing whatever it takes to reach your goals. Our new collection debuting in August is “Live Beyond the Boundary.” Palmer, Trey and myself had a great time creating this story and designs around it. We come up with a design idea and we then push the boundaries of this design until it pops and we all sit there, looking at these designs and think “damn, we didn’t see that coming.” – Chris Berre

Products: Impeccably crafted ties, bow ties and pocket squares made with silks of their own design.

Why we love them: They have the very best sense of humor.

Dose appearances: June 5, August 14 and counting.