BADALA + Janice

Dosers of the world unite!  Veteran Doser Lydia Brockman, artist behind the Janice Collection, has teamed up with Dose Cause BADALA, a non-profit founded by Joelle McNamara focused on offering alternatives for people in poverty in Africa.

The result?

The  BADALA + Janice Broken Earth Infinity Scarf.  Naturally hand-printed using organic cotton, each piece is uniquely beautiful.

Brockman, who has been volunteering at BADALA for a little over a year now, was approached by McNamara last March about creating a scarf for the BADALA line that would be easy for her team in Africa to recreate. The idea of skill-sharing was very important to Brockman – a skill-sharing environment encourages independent thinking, problem solving, in addition to valuing each skill the employee carries. We support that!

The Broken Earth Infinity Scarf will be available at Dose Market on October 14 where Brockman will also premiere a special selection of the 2013 Janice collection!