Bag is Beautiful

Do you like handbags? We do, too, which is why we’re bringing some of the best bags in town to Mother’s Day Dose:


Born in 2010, WORKSHOP/CoOp was conceived when Leslie Thomas met the women of Trama Textiles, an artisan-owned female-led cooperative practicing the ancient art of backstrap loom weaving.

Delighting in their colorful craft, Leslie created a few bags she thought essential to her own life. The experience inspired her to set up a new business, WORKSHOP/CoOp, designed to help women by ensuring fair working conditions and higher-than-typical wages for the makers of her bags. Prices range from $45 to $95, and built into the cost of each bag is a donation to a woman or girl in need. Purchasing the smallest bag equals a six-month supply of hygiene products for refugee women and girls. The big bags? Purchase one and you’ll be covering the cost of a kitchen kit for a family. Guilt-free and good for all kinds of moms!


Meet Chuey, an artisan at Lisa Kingsley’s workshop in Leon, Mexico, crafting one of her French linen clutches.

Lisa sources her French linen from vintage Paris stock and her signature exotic leathers from a company that owns and operates farms around the world, where animals are bred in their indigenous environments and live out their full life spans. For every egg that’s incubated and eventually used for leather and meat, the farms with which Lisa works releases three eggs into the wild. Translation: Environmentally-conscious, animal-loving ladies can feel better about leather carrying a Kingsley bag.



The third entry in our handbag lineup, new Chicago company GAIA will showcase the Susanna Valerio line of minaudieres and accessories. This Italian mother/daughter creative team was contemplating their latest travels while chatting over a glass of wine at their luxury handbag factory. They  discussed the necessity of adding a chic, eco-friendly bag option to their production schedule. Using collected shells disposed of by local resturants and beautiful already-used woods, they breathe new life into their materials with fabulous little catch-all clutches for parties and brunch outings.

Debuting stateside at Dose, don’t miss the opportunity to shop this incredible mother/daughter line!