Bodkin Descends on Chicago at Dose

Quite truly, Bodkin is the best kind of designer line out there.

It’s beautiful, eco-minded and everything you want in your closet.

The unembellished silhouettes are cut in elegant and often delightful ways. Each is made with touchable textiles. If only every garment this sexy were this soft. Not to mention, it’s all wearable until it goes threadbare.

Believe it: This presentation will be the best way to start your fall shopping. Designed by Eviana Hartman, a Condé Nast alum, the line got its look and its start in NYC and, care of the inimitable Heiji Choy Black, the Fall 2011 collection will be here to greet you at Dose on August 14.

Care for a taste?

Don’t mind if we do.

Did we mention everything is produced in the US with an eye toward sustainability?

Here’s Eviana and crew at her Fall 2011 presentation:

We’re thrilled to provide Bodkin with a Chicago launching pad. Can’t wait to shop.

Photos via Billy Farrell Agency