Doser: Bodkin

Founder: Eviana Hartmann

Green beginnings: Bodkin was founded with the goal of merging Hartmann’s specific aesthetic—honed during a career as staff fashion writer at Vogue and Teen Vogue and as fashion features editor at NYLON— with a long-term interest in sustainability.

Why we love her: Bodkin creates urban essentials with modern silhouettes and wry details that lend its simple shapes a subtle specialness. Best of all, all materials are sourced with an eye toward environmental and social good and the entire Bodkin line is made in the good ol’ U. S. of A.

Products: Architectural designs in soft, supple fabrics. Bodkin’s Fall/Winter 2011 collection features wearable fashion for women in muted, earthy tones that translate effortlessly from day to night.

Dose launches: The August 14the Dose Market marked Bodkin’s debut in Chicago retail, spearheaded by Heiji Choy Black.

Dose appearances: August 14, September 25th and counting.