C/FAN’s Caddo Print Accessories Launch at Dose

Photo by iShootRockstars.com

Chicago fashion design totally amped up its game when Christina Fan decided to skip law school and start making clothes. A Northwestern academic and total babe, Christina does design her way with C/FAN, her Chicago-based label for the easy-living, high-style urban woman. For her SS11 collection, C/FAN picked up inspiration from a Caddo Lake art work, bought the rights and printed it on silk chiffon in two colorways.

She’ll be at Dose June 5th with a selection of her SS11 collection, her line of basics AND – drumroll please – head pieces, hair accessories and scarves made from the Caddo Lake fabric (see above!), read: a never-before-seen collection of C/FAN accessories launching at Dose to top off your wardrobe and make your summer looks pop. Love!