Cheap Tart

Doser: Cheap Tart

Founders: Dinah Grossman

Tart beginnings: In the eyes of Cheap Tart’s pastry chef founder, not all baked goods are created equal. Grossman opened Cheap Tart in 2010 as a rebuttal to the cupcake mania that has swept the nation in the past few years. She believes quality pies and classy tarts are the antidote to the cake and frosting epidemic.

Why we love her: We’re Switzerland in the eternal pie vs. cake debate, but Cheap Tart’s wares make a compelling case for the pie camp. Always delicious, Gossman’s creations range from rustic to refined and are always made with wholesome ingredients, free of hydrogenated shortenings, lard, and artificial sweeteners.

Products: Classic and seasonal pies, galettes, tarts, and pie pops (yep, someone finally put pie on a stick).

Dose appearances: August 14 and counting.