Chill Out

We can’t lie: It’s hot as hell.

Cool off this Sunday at Dose’s birthday bash with some of the city’s finest chilly treats.

Jo Snow Snow Cones
You may have sampled her icy delicacies or artisan syrups at a past Dose Market. This month, Melissa Yen returns with a slew of delicious new snow cone flavors, plus boozy snow cone samples (courtesy of Dose alcohol sponsor, Spicebox Whisky).

On the menu:
The Breakfast Cone: Crop to Cup espresso, cafe de olla syrup, and sweetened condensed milk.
a.k.a. The perfect way to start your day. (Crop to Cup will also be serving hot and iced coffee, as well as iced horchata lattes.)
The Gola: An Eastern take on the cone, with ginger syrup and Co-op Hot Sauce garam masala.
a.k.a. A midday pick-you-up.
The Traditional: Tangerine lavender honey.
a.k.a. For the lightweight.
The Traditional (and then some): Add sweetened condensed milk and voila! It tastes like a creamsicle.
a.k.a. For the daredevil.

Ice Cream Floats: Snookelfritz + Seasons Soda
Dose veteran Nancy Silver of Snookelfritz teams up with new-to-the-scene soda slinger, Bobby Chang, for ice cream floats, sodas, and scoops, artisan-style.

On the menu:
Strawberry Ice Cream Float: Snookelfritz roasted strawberry brown sugar ice cream plus Seasons Soda strawberry and mint soda.
a.k.a. The best ice cream float of your life
Raspberry, Apple-Mint, and Strawberry-Mint Soda
a.k.a. Refreshing, never-too-sweet artisan sodas made from fresh, local produce.

Look for the Dosettes on Sunday. We’ll be double-fisting snow cones and ice cream floats (and wearing Dose birthday hats)! And when one hand frees up, we’ll be using it to eat this: birthday cake from ByM Desserts!