Christmas in July

 ‘Twas the Sunday of Dose Market: from all around Chicago

Dosers like Dinner Party convened, set and ready to go!

Dollybird’s jewels were hung with great care,

In hopes that Dose shoppers soon would be there.

Stonebaker tomatoes nestled snug in a pan,

Awaiting their fate in a yummy summer salad (we’re fans).

With Ripasso’s orange spritzers and handmade scarves from KraeO,

We had just settled down with Make Magazine when… Oh!

From out by the stairs arose a heavenly smell,

We sprang from the Dose Lounge: a treat, we could tell!

It’s coffee! And doughnuts! And not just any,

Fresh beans from Bow Truss and doughnuts a plenty

we proceeded, all day, to munch

Glazed & Infused’s super Dose special: buttercrunch.

Shop GAIA! Now Ducharme! Try Milkhaus and Pigtale!

My nOma and Rare Bird! Or Trillium and Mess Hall!

For handbags, and preserves, art objects big and small

It was a delicious Dose and a very special Sunday for all!


Dose photos by Nathan Michael. Check out all the action in the July Dose photo album on Facebook