Did You Make Mama Proud at Mother’s Day Dose?

You literally owe the woman your life. So if you took her to Dose on Sunday, you did your due diligence (and if you didn’t, well…).

She’s big on life lessons. At Dose, you learned a thing or two:

Drinking Virtue Cider impairs judgment. (So please drink responsibly – and find yourself a designated driver, for goodness’ sake!)

Dress to impress. (It’s hard not to look dapper when you’re sporting Shrine Haberdashery accessories like pocket squares and bow ties.)

Always make time for family and friends. They’re what really matters.

Smile for the camera! (This one’s going on Grandma’s fridge.)

Take time to smell the flowers (from Forget Me Knodt).

You want a bike (from Heritage Bicycles)? You’re wearing a helmet.

Don’t go into sugar shock. (Do-Rite Donuts are hard to resist.)

Balance it out with something healthy (like Falafill), why don’t ya?

And always, always send a Mother’s Day card (preferably from A Muse).


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Photos courtesy of Nathan Michael.