Dose Turns One! Get Dosed June 24

It’s our birthday! And you best believe we’ve got something tasty cooking for June 24th’s Dose Market. Here’s an easy-to-follow recipe for the best Dose yet:

The Birthday Dose

23 food vendors
27 fashion vendors
1 River East Art Center
4 Dosettes

1. Whip up the mix with a Crop to Cup iced horchata latte. Or start the party with a boozy Jo Snow snowcone or complimentary quaffs from Goose Island and Spicebox Whisky.

2. Add in a.m. treats from Bake and Bagel on Damen, then take a lap to check out vintage silk caftans from Saffron Vintage, new designs from C/FAN and AGGA B, SDK’s Dose debut of summer essentials, and the freshest finds from Edith Hart and Roslyn.

3. Mix in menswear with leather boat shoes, Imogene + Willie denims and neckties from Independence, Oak Street Bootmakers and the dapper gents of Artfully Disheveled. Need a shave? Visit Angry Barber for some straight-razor action. Feeling sporty? Don’t miss Camp Wandawega and Buckshot Sonny’s Sporting Goods for denim caps, colorful arrows and bows and handmade baseballs. Make a pit stop in the teepee.

4. Let your shopping bags rest while sampling barrel-aged fish sauce and maple syrups from Blis, bloody mary mix from Stu’s, Indian cooking kits from Kaveli and a spread of artisan cheese from Great American Cheese Collection. Mug for Smilebooth Chicago.

5. Shake things up with an on-site portrait from the artists of this month’s non-profit, Project Onward, and find vintage decor for your home from Industrial Evolution, one-of-a-kind Gentleman’s Boombox suitcase boomies and set the table with new placemats from Burrow & Hive.

6. Incorporate lunchtime treats: Sausages from Markethouse, barbecue from Lillie’s Q and fancy PB&J from Yumbutter. Wash it down with local-fruit soda from Seasons Soda–with a scoop of Snookelfritz ice cream, if you’d like.

7. Decorate yourself with semi-precious stone, brass and beaded jewels from Mineralogy, Colifichet, Laura Lombardi and King Onye Label, and soothe your skin and satisfy your mind with body products from Lifetherapy.

8. Serve yourself a big slice of cake from ByM Desserts or a wedge of raspberry or tart cherry pie from Rustic Tart. Garnish with a Dose bar from Mayana Chocolates.

See you bright and early this Sunday for the best Dose yet!



What: Dose, a monthly food and fashion market (

When: Sunday, June 24, 2012, 10 a.m.– 4 p.m.; one Sunday per month thereafter

Where: River East Art Center, 435 E. Illinois St. (312-321-1001;

Transportation: Nearest El stop at Grand Red Line. 4-hour parking for $6 with Dose validation in the Parkview garage (456 E. Illinois St.; before the light at Peshtigo Ct.).

Price: $10 admission at the door; $8 pre-orders at

Dose in Photos: