Dose Cause: SEER

Pick up a Dose-curated tee from Chicago Bulls player Kyle Korver’s tee line, SEER, at Dose on Sunday, October 16th. Co-founder (and brother) Klayton Korver will see that your purchase supports a most worthy cause, underprivileged children.

Klayton Korver (at left) with his brothers, all in SEER tees.

The SEER line of tees, tanks and hoodies funds the Kyle Korver Foundation (and related initiatives), which identifies communities in need around the country and works to find solutions for those needs. Pursuits range from funding inner-city work in Philadelphia–where kids are tutored, given athletic opportunities, and allowed to simply be kids–to handicap aid in Salt Lake City, where the foundation funds a non-profit construction company that has provided 73 custom-built handicap ramps, free of charge, to families in need.

In Omaha, SEER has supported the Boys and Girls Clubs as well as the Abide Network, which helps families buy their first home. In Chicago, KKF has partnered with a number of local organizations to create a back-to-school store, a Christmas Store, to build a parents’ lounge for a school on the watch list to be shut down, and to help fill needs for schools in that same situation.

We particularly like the message on the above ‘Inside Out’ tank for the ladies — a great piece, year-round. There’ll be lots of SEER options for the gents, too, and super cuddly hoodies to keep you cozy this fall.

The SEER goal is simple: make an amazing product that looks great and gives back. We love the fact that this foundation is nimble and innovative in their giving. So pick up your SEER gear from Klayton and know that, not only are you picking up a great piece, your dough is going to help kids in need.