Dose Hearts February

We gave you a breather in January, hoping you would use the time to rejuvenate, relax, and get 2011 out of your system.

Did you miss us? We missed you. February’s Dose was all about love. We hope you felt it.

m & b vintage? Charmed, we’re sure.

Spanish chorizo, oils, vinegars, and canned seafood from JDY Gourmet Imports.

Smoking Goose came whole hog, with elk pate and charcuterie galore.

Poems While You Wait: Definitely worth waiting for.

Folks got crafty with A Muse’s valentine workshop …

and Lillstreet brought a potter to get in on the action.

Bang Bang sold out of their candied bacon in a snap.

Nothing says I love you like a knockout bouquet from Sprout Home.

Jo Snow jerks served sassafras syrup-spiked sodas.

In the cafe, guests feasted on Vera’s Spanish fare and Saigon Sisters spring rolls.

The Newsstand kept bookworms busy — and The Chicagoan launched.

Vintage Smith attracted plaid-clad boys, girls, and tomboys alike.

Hats off to serious style.

See the full album of photos from February’s Dose here.

Don’t be a heartbreaker. Come get your next Dose March 11.


Dose Market photos by Nathan Michael.