Dose: March Madness Edition

Everyone’s buzzing about March Madness — and with good reason. March 11th’s Dose welcomed a bracket of champion-worthy players. We scored a slew of purchases for our pantries and closets; we hope you did, too.

Here’s the play-by-play:

The starting lineup included Wild Child Granola’s organic berry parfaits.

Dark Matter Coffee brought their game faces with heavenly pour-over coffee, lattes, and more.

Industrial Evolution played it cool, holding court amid handmade homewares.

Shoppers went balls to the wall over Dinner Party’s vintage dinnerware.

Rare Bird’s black label kumquat tarragon honey preserves made the crowds go wild.

And now, for the halftime show: Loungers enjoy Karl’s Craft Soups, Spencer’s sandwiches, and more in the Dose Cafe.

Drift glasses, one; 20/20 vision, zero.

Spices of Lezzet spiced up the game with ever-flavorful imports.

Sir + Madame created quite the hoopla with accessories and clothing for he and she.

Veruca Chocolates was a real game-changer, hawking truffles decorated to the nines.

And that’s not all…

Get ready for April 15! We’ve got home court advantage.

Photos courtesy of the lovely and talented Nathan Michael.