Dose Market | April 15

Dose Market’s April edition sees a sensational spread of delicious food, a super-sized sample of style and an expansion upstairs, making this the biggest, baddest Dose yet.

Here’s how to double-down on all the best food and fashion in town:

Start with a satisfying free cocktail from Nellcôte, stay buzzed with Metropolis Coffee then play your angles in the Smilebooth.

Go green with fresh-pressed Peeled juices and Mana sliders and salads before a buy-in on Earth Cadet’s colorful, cute, organic cotton onesies.

Float both upstairs and down: There’s more space to stretch out and snack!

Rock out your house with The ReBuilding Exchange, Houndstooth Vintage,House of KYM and Unison before sitting down to a cup of SenTEAmental tea.

Get suited for the season at Emerging Thoughts then hit a spring sundry upswing with Mama’s Nuts, Mess Hall & Co, Dinner Party and more in the Dose Pantry upstairs.

Fill your charcuterie quota with Smoking Goose, then get flush at Dose debut Ladybug Vintage, taking your wardrobe to a whole new level.

Ante up with Lucila’s Handmade alfajores and Chocolate Twist sweets, then stack your record collection at Hydrogen Plus.

Scoop up a big-a** brick of Duke Cannon Supply Co. soap, then stash it in the coolest bag in the city (besides the Dose tote, of course), exclusively from Haberdash EDC.

Bet on a royal flush of Sway, Toki, Shades of Grey, Wanderlustings and Winifred Grace jewelry before getting pie-eyed with maple-pecan pie pops from Cheap Tart.

Shop NYC and Detroit, too, by way of Petiole NYC and Honor & Folly, respectively.

Don’t muck yet! Go all in with Antique Taco, Real Kitchen, Franks ’n’ Dawgs, Honey Butter Fried Chicken and a lip-smacking Crumb + Coop Hot Sauce mortadella sandwich. It’s a rush!

Get Dosed April 15th! For all the details keep an eye on Facebook, Twitter and DoseMarket.


Petiole NYC
Emerging Thoughts
Frei Designs
Sprout Home
Haberdash EDC
Duke Cannon Supply Co.
Cities in Dust
Shades of Grey
Sway Jewelry
Winifred Grace
Dinner Party
Honor & Folly
ReBuilding Exchange
Houndstooth Vintage
House of KYM
Winter Session
Hydrogen Plus Records
Ladybug Vintage
Lisa Spagnolo
Earth Cadets
Smilebooth Chicago
Save Africa Project
Honey Butter Fried Chicken
Antique Taco
Crumb/Coop Hot Sauce
Franks ‘n’ Dawgs
Mana Foodbar
Real Kitchen
Honor + Folly
Chocolate Twist
Lucila’s Homemade
Cheap Tart
ByM Desserts
Good Hope Rusks
Mama’s Nuts
Scrumptious Pantry
Smoking Goose
Mess Hall & Co.
Metropolis Coffee Company
Nellcôte feat. Pour Souls
SenTEAmental Moods


What: Dose, a monthly food and fashion market (
When: Sunday, April 15, 2012, 10 a.m.– 4 p.m.; one Sunday per month thereafter
Where: River East Art Center, 435 E. Illinois St. (
Transportation: Nearest El stop at Grand Red Line. 4-hour parking for $6 with Dose validation in the Parkview garage (456 E. Illinois St.; before the light at Peshtigo Ct.).
Price: $10 admission at the door; $8 pre-orders at

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