ON 9.21.14, IT WAS THE


The very first Dose in our new West Loop spot, Morgan Manufacturing, was loved by more than 2000 Dose-goers eating, shopping, laughing, lounging and scoring to the sounds of DJ duo We Theory on Sunday September 21st! Everyone made it a great day for our eighty-five Dosers: so many sold out before the day was over and/or had their best Dose ever! This is HUGE. Not to mention this Dose launched more than a dozen products and introduced more than 20 new Dosers to the Dose fold.

THANK YOU  to all who came out to support the incredible talent we have here in Chicago (we name names below!) at the Dose Bomb. A special thanks goes out to Goose Island and La Sirena Clandestina for the free brews and cocktails to fuel the day (Derek and Nina put in overtime behind the bar!) and to Next Star Vodka and Few Spirits for the lovely tastes of their fine spirits. We adored having White Mystery play a half-hour set on the staircase, the poets of Poems While You Wait click-clacking away creating fine verse for all who inquired and all the spirit in the Nina Palomba x Smilebooth photobooth (evidence right this way)! Eva Deitch was our fantastic photographer: check out all the moments she captured on Facebook and see some of our favorites below!

We know you found some great stuff to love at the Dose bomb (and perhaps a  human love if you rocked an electric yellow Dose heart). If you need to contact any of the September 2014 Dosers you’ll find the full list of participating Dosers below with links to connect with all of them.

Happy Autumn and see you at the HoliDose on Sunday, December 14th at our new home in the West Loop! Thank you again for such a warm welcome to the neighborhood and we’ll see you again — every season. Dose is officially (at least for now) quarterly, with March, June, September and December dates planned for 2015.

See you again real soon!

xx  The Dosettes


It was a sea of Love (and not a speck of junk) at the Dose Bomb!


We Theory took a short break so White Mystery could rock the staircase at 2pm!


Perhaps our favorite shot from this one, Eva captured a mom and her two kids all kitted out and toting a fresh baguette from PQM!


Not to project or anything, but … what a lucky guy! Love having groups of besties rock the Dose!


Did you try out the Oculus Rift in the We Theory living room? This guy was surfing (and also in on #crushedatdose!)


Steven and McKenzie help make Dose happen and smuggled in an illicit pup, the little Taxi!


We adore the happy smile on the face of this Dose-goer, picking up an incredible handmade leather pillow by Doser Liv + Work.


Nicole of The Ørder was set up to pre-sell her latest collection of gorgeous wearables in the blackest of blacks.


The incredible Gillion Carrara.


Matt brought his home and gift boutique, Teak & Soxy, from Wisconsin. His Soxiness made the cover of our Facebook page!


Artfully Disheveled launched at Dose #1 and Chris came all the way from Cincinnati to be at the Dose Bomb to launch the latest collection.


Relive the glory by having a listen to our Dose Bomb theme song  below and go ahead, cut a rug! Thank you again for a great day at the Dose Bomb. We’ll never forget the 21st of September!


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DRINK it up, gratis, thanks to the mix masters at La Sirena Clandestina and the master distillers at Next Star Vodka, Goose Island and Few Spirits.

Eat BRUNCH all day, because, why not? The Salsa Truck doses a quartet of salsas and a trio of tacos, ¡olé! Get starry-eyed at Celeste over TJ’s incredible grilled octopus. Dinner Lab cooks up a culinary surprise. The Eastman Egg Company has your 10 a.m. craving sated with made-to-order Salgel Family Farm egg sandwiches plus custom-roast Sparrow coffee sweet with a side of gingersnap cookies … with bacon. The Winchester delights with their signature Liege waffle, compote-laden and rich with Winchester cool whip, a roasted beet salad, and the Ficelle, a hearty roasted turkey, fontina, dill pickle and lemon aoli sandwich, Oh, and Parson’s Chicken and Fish will be in the house Dosing a full spread of their inimitably tasty delight.

WOMEN, we hate to say it, but, Chicago: it’s time to put away the sundresses and get stocked for Fall. Who’s got what you want? Saffron Vintage brings racks of spectacular designer vintage, Kit This has sumptuous knits and gorgeous coats, DWNS doles out major basics and Local Eclectic, The Ørder, Shelby Steiner and ANOTHER20 have everything you need to look infinitely chic this season

MEN, it’s on at Stock Mfg Co, Apartment Number 9, Artfully Disheveled and Red Cabin. These guys are definitely the silent type, not giving us much, but they never fail to deliver BIG. You can count on the club room brimming with a full spread of things sartorial success is made of.

Get plenty of PANTRY essentials like: the best juices from Owen + Alchemy, cooking sauces from Spicemode, 100% pure Kolossos olive oil fresh from Greece, neighborhood honey from Bike a Bee, fresh breads and spreads from Publican Quality Meats and soups to live on from Karl’s Craft Soups. Pear Tree Preserves has packed away extra Summer in their mason jars and what is life without a constant supply of Stu’s Bloody Mary?

Bring your knives for $4/blade sharpening from Matador Sharp and get schooled in knife technique by the masters at The Chopping Block. Drop in for a half-hour session of soul rejuvenation at Rooted Self Expression Center, gratis. And get a Dose of Humble Pen, the most comfortable and do-good writing instrument around: salute!

It’s not easy to get into Dose as a JEWELRY designer: we’ve selected more than 10 to rock your wrists, necks, fingers and crowns. Stop by and say hello to Rebecca Mir Grady, kFroet, Shades of Grey, sparkle with Lily Dawson, get beaded with Ianneci, dig in at BERGLO, Mineralogy, VKcollection and Tiny Dot. Winifred Grace will be doing custom stamping on site and more.

ART: We love it. Nina Palomba paints your t-shirt on site and our posse of poets is back to rock out Poems While You Wait at your command, all to support Rose Metal Press. And the feeding of poets. Thank you in advance.

Did we mention Dose is a party? Enjoy the MUSIC of White Mystery at 2 p.m. and the release of the ‘Boutique Dose’ mixtape from We Theory at 11 a.m. It’s Dose: the sweet sounds go all day.

Connect your sweet spot with CONFECTIONS from light-as-air J’s French Macarons, pumpkin turtles from Veruca Chocolate, gluten-free Smashed Muffin and master bars from Chocolate for the Spirit.

Your HOME is going to be  oh-so-lovely this season, homey. Sojourn brings her curated collection of gracious objects from her Michigan shop, Line and Shape debuts ceramics, and you’ll flip for the fresh-cut blooms from the Barrington fields of Field & Florist, so gorgeous. Teak & Soxy makes sure you’ll be cozy with luscious candles, moose-skin moccasins and essential elements. LLAVIN elevates the key to an objet d’art and SouthLoopLoft lights up the room with killer design finds. Alapash Home and Terrariums, Johanna Winter Harper and Vintage Place Settings are all you need to to amp up your tabletop!

BABY, we love you. Get hip to the easiest (sweetest and smartest) way to dress your brood with Mac & Mia. Pick up swaddle-chic gifts for  pregnant friends from Monica & Andy. New moms, check out Mia Bossi for awesome baby bags and, excuse us for shouting, but we must: DO NOT SNOOZE on the new Lille Moderne doll house by Lille Huset! Adore.

You’ve got a hot BODY, babe, and you’ve got to take care of it. We’re happy to introduce you to Cocovít, the only moisturizer you need (oh, and it’s also for oil-pulling) … so pure. Bonnie makes your skin sing with her fresh scents and array of scrubs. And Merlin’s is so key: this hand-crafted Chicago line is dedicated solely to beard care, waxes and wooden combs included.

And, Oh! There is so much delicious ACCOUTREMENT, you’re going to be so well-accessorized this season. The leather track pants at PRSVR are your number one choice for beating the Chicago wind-chill while looking just so fine. Yes! Get into  a fresh new collection of Second-Hand Skin from Redshift, beautifully carved wooden jewelry and objects from Gillion Carrara and say hello, love, to a fresh new collection from tote-kings Pine & Plastic. Bears fans will look their best for Monday night’s Jets matchup thanks to killer Chicago-pride swag from City of Win, the beauties of The IDLE.WILD debut at Dose with a special collab and major clutches, and Aframes, oh Aframes! Get Mozambique on your face and give to kids in need in one fell swoop.



Thank you for Dosing!