Dose + Turnstone, Sitting in a Tree

When we went in search of someone to help us create a lounge area unique to Dose, we looked no further than Turnstone. Not only did they receive the Best of NeoCon Gold Award this year — their mission is right in line with ours.

In their words: “At Turnstone, we’re inspired by small companies and their do-it-yourself spirit. We love sponsoring Dose Market. Not only does Dose bring together the best in food and design (which we love), but they do so by supporting local businesses and artists. That rocks!”

Dose Market shoppers in the Dose Lounge June 5th, 2011

This truly innovative company is to thank for dreaming up the eye-popping, comfortable space where Dose-goers can rest their feet after a long day of shopping.

Dose Lounge is built with pieces from Turnstone’s versatile Campfire collection. This Sunday, you can relax on their purple Big Lounges while doodling on extra-special write-on Paper Tables.

Be sure to grab a seat and make your mark on the market via Turnstone in the Dose Lounge!