Doser: Drapes

Founder: Ashley Scott

What inspired the ‘Drapes’ effect: “Many things inspired me; my background in fine art opened my mind in so many ways and Christian Lacroix, when I saw a couture show of his for the first time I said, “I want to create accessories like that!” Parisian style inspired me to design jewelry using a different medium than normal. I began working with tassels in 2006 and just loved how flirty they felt. People started calling them Drapes and now it’s my new last name!”

Products: Her signature ‘drapes,’ gorgeous waterfalls of fringe to frame the face, amongst other statement-making necklaces and bracelets.

Why we love her: We can’t get enough of her personal style and her product is just as covetable.

Dose appearances: June 5 and counting.