Eyes on the prize: Labrabbit Optics

If you’ve had our luck, you too have been wearing glasses basically since you popped out of the womb. Fortunately, the options have vastly improved from those yellowing clear plastic Snoopy frames our, um, friends wore in the ’80s.

Case in point: the wild selection of frames at Coyote DeGroot’s Labrabbit Optics. Two years ago, DeGroot ran an optical speakeasy out of his apartment, using a lens-cutting machine named Ripley and selling quirky new and vintage frames to friends and acquaintances. These days, now with a legit street-level business in Wicker Park, DeGroot continues expanding his collection.

This Sunday at Dose, sort through a 200-piece cross-section of his shop: newbies from Berlin line Lunettes Kollektion (otherwise unavailable in the city)

Vintage sunglasses from lines like Carrera and Dior

And a highly anticipated debut of deadstock frames from the ’50s and ’60s. Sorry, no sneak peek! You’ll have to come see for yourself this coming Dose.