Fritz Pastry

Doser: Frtiz Pastry

Founder: Nathaniel Meads, Elaine Heaney, Jared Nance

Their pastry persuasion: “Pastries that have been made for hundreds and don’t need tweaking,” says Meads.

Why we love him: Everything Meads does–from croissants to fruit turnovers to a fantastic Gateau Breton–is imbued with the precision and care of a highly trained, meticulous pastry chef. (Side note: We’re happy to have snagged them before Meads leaves at the end of 2011–though exciting developments are in the works for the Lakeview bakery.)

Products: Lemon pound cake, chocolate hazelnut torte, croissants, donuts and much, much more.

Dose appearances. July 10 and counting.