December’s Dose Sponsor: Zagat

You’ve got good taste — that’s why you get Dosed.

At HoliDose, you can share your good taste with the world via the Zagat Survey and take home a complimentary copy of the 2011 Chicago guide.

From now until mid-January, Zagat (how do YOU say it?) is taking your two cents about Chicago eats and drinks via their online voting interface OR the Zagat Survey Lounge this Sunday, 12/4 at Dose!

We all know and love the burgundy bible. Zagat was, like, the first crowd-sourced anything. Makes sense Google just acquired them, and we, of course, like any company that has fun with their name — check this vid:

PS: Did you know that Zagat crowdsources info about pretty much everything enjoyable? Check out what surveyors say about the all-time best flicks.