Get Artsy with A Muse

What’s your authentic Valentine’s message?

Take a moment away from all the shopping and eating this Sunday to get in touch with a sentiment you’d like to express to someone you love.

It’s as easy as 1-2-3:

Step one:  Visit with A Muse and tell them something special about your valentine and they’ll turn into a phrase.

Step two:  Work with their artist/instructors to say it with candy, watercolor, Sennelier oil sticks, collage, India ink, recycled paper, lettering and velvet.

Step three:  Voila! Your heart’s true expression, ready for delivery.

The results will net you more than you know. Best part — there’s no charge for expressing yourself. Love is free, baby!

Here are two examples from the artists at A Muse to get your creative engines revving:

The perfect way to personalize your Valentine’s Day!

UPDATE: Here are some of the materials and tools you’ll get to play with!

Fancy lettering for your message …

Or brushes?

You choose … A Muse!