Get Dosed | November 6

Are you destined to get your Dose on Sunday, November 6? Take this quiz to find out.

1. You enjoy R + R in the form of:
a. Seasonal mini spa treatments from NoMI Spa that smell as good as they feel
b. Sweet, sexy unmentionables by Orange Lingerie
c. Getting the heck outta dodge on a custom made bike by Method Bicycle
d. Knitting up infinity scarves with beautiful yarn courtesy of Knit 1

2. You’ll wake up early for:
a. Complimentary cocktails from Bittercube and Templeton Rye
b. Doughnut Vault’s eight brand-new varieties of fried goodness
c. Seedling’s hot apple cider; La Colombe’s Pure Black coffee and espresso drinks
d. Fresh-baked breads by Crumb and NoMI Kitchen brown sugar streusel muffins

3. Your pantry could use:
a. Fresh, hand-cut pasta, ragu sauce, and truffle butter from Pasta Puttana
b. Poblano, Jalapeno, and Habanero hot sauce from Co-op Sauce
c. Unusual teas, Christine Ferber jams and bourbon barrel soy sauce from Rare Tea Cellar
d. Local honey and grains from Bron’s Bees/Heritage Prairie

4. Your wardrobe needs a boost in the form of:
a. Charming, one-of-a-kind personalized jewelery from M + B Vintage
b. Handcrafted wood Drift Eyewear to call attention to your bright eyes
c. A super-fly camera strap from the darling duo at TwentyThirtyForty
d. Runway wear minus the massive price tag via Luxury Garage Sale

5. You’ll stop your shopping for a lunch break at:
a. Real Kitchen, for farro salad with pickled cherries and a vegetarian banh mi
b. Franks n’ Dawgs, for a smokin’ trout or BLT dog sandwich
c. Old Town Social, for slices of finnocchiona and a mortadella panini
d. Great Lake, for pulled pork sandwiches and Brussels sprout salad

You passed with flying colors. See you November 6th!

The November 6th Dosers:

[wpcol_1half id=”” class=”” style=””]EAT on 11/6

Great Lake
Real Kitchen
Old Town Social
Franks ‘N’ Dawgs
Doughnut Vault
Rich Chocolates
Sweet Sensations
NoMI Kitchen
Mama’s Nuts
La Colombe
Rare Tea Cellar
Quarter Circle Seven Ranch
Heritage Prairie
Pasta Puttana
Co-op Hot sauce
Rustic Tart
Zingerman’s Creamery
Hull House[/wpcol_1half] [wpcol_1half_end id=”” class=”” style=””]STYLE on 11/6

Big Things
Drift Eyewear
Denise Noparstak
M & B Vintage
Orange Lingerie
Lisa Spagnolo
Luxury Garage Sale
Saffron Vintage
Deliciously Vintage
The May Box
Anke Loh
Burrow & Hive
knit 1
Debbie Carlos
Gillion Carrara
Shades of Grey
Winifred Grace
Method Bicycle
NoMI Spa
Poems While You Wait

What: Dose, a monthly food and fashion market (
When: Sunday, November 6, 2011, 10 a.m.– 4 p.m.; one Sunday per month thereafter
Where: River East Art Center, 435 E. Illinois St. (312-321-1001;
Transportation: Nearest El stop at Grand Red Line. 4-hour parking for $6 with Dose validation in the Parkview garage (456 E. Illinois St.; before the light at Peshtigo Ct.).
Price: $10 admission at the door; $8 pre-orders at

Contact Info:

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