Gillion Carrara

Doser: Gillion Carrara

Founder: Gillion Carrara

Material girl: Carrara sources materials from all over the world: raw goods from the forests and farms of Southern Italy as well as dealers in Africa, India and China and metals from the American south and northwest. We’re particularly taken by her penchant for working with blocks of briarwood originally made for making pipes!

Products: Gillion creates functional and ornamental accessories combining unique materials like bone, horn shell, antler, various woods and roots with precious metals. Her collection includes hand-crafted pieces including silver-lined wooden cuffs, wood and bone rings, silver earrings, letter openers, men’s accessories and cheese knives. Her glasswork is incredible, too.

Why we love her: Her passion for art, the process of art-making, and travel (the source of much of Carrara’s design inspiration) is intoxicating.

Dose appearances: July 10, August 14, September 25 and November 6.