Give Us Some Sugar: Celestial Kitchens Debuts at Dose

Whether you’re a Valentine’s Day hater or appreciator, chances are you love you some sugar. We’ve fallen hard for Celeste Dolan of Celestial Kitchens, debuting at Dose on February 12.

You don’t need a date to dive into pear- and raspberry-filled handpies. And research has shown that cranberry crostatas are best enjoyed when single. ‘Scone’ rhymes with ‘alone.’ Let’s just say that’s no accident. Neither is ordering all three flavors (sour cherry, white chocolate, chocolate espresso) at once.

But why not let a few pals partake in a box of petit fours? Or gift boxes brimming with raspberry truffle brownie bites and linzer cookies? Even decorated Valentine’s Day cookies can be shared with friends. Triple chocolate truffle tarts — bittersweet, milk, and white chocolate chunks baked into a chocolate shell — are so rich they require a group to finish off.

Unless you’re looking for love handles.