Great Lake

Doser: Great Lake

Founders: Lydia Esparza and Nick Lessins

Why we love them: The duo have a killer combination of talent, taste and skill. Their Andersonville storefront is small, charming and smartly appointed, and their pizza–in our humble opinion–the city’s best. It’s certainly the pie with the most passion behind it, as Lessins makes nearly every one himself, makes his own fior de latte cheese and only sources toppings from farmers he knows and respects.

Products: At Dose, foccacia, salads, Barn House confection, English muffins and an assortment of food and housewares from their sundry shelves. At the shop, a rotating selection of seasonal pizzas, plus one excellent salad.

Dose launches: Herb-topped focaccia and spring pea salad.

Dose appearances: July 10 and November 6.