green envee

Doser: Green Envee

Founder: Tim Kundinger and Bob Weiss

TK question: “Tim and I wanted to get back to our roots in nature. We both grew up in Wisconsin on organic farms. It is very important to us to support the ‘organic’ lifestyle.  It’s also important to us to make sure that the people who harvest our raw products for us have a great and healthy lifestyle as well. By choosing to use organic ingredients, we can be assured that those who harvest our raw products are not exposed to unhealthy conditions such as fertilizers and pesticides.”

Products: Environmentally responsible body lotions, oils, lip balms and soaps from the best fair trade ingredients.

Why we love them: Their gorgeous scents —  French lavender and chamomile, rosemary and peppermint, Sri Lankan Lemongrass — aren’t overpowering. And they have a kid’s line!

Dose appearances: June 5, July 10, September 25 and October 16.