HoliDose in the CY Studio

It’s all Dose all the time on set with Lynnette Astaire for CY’s HoliDose photoshoot — check it out:

Rabbit Fur Hoods, C/FAN; Raspberry Gelato Waffle Cone, Black Dog Gelato


Boombox, Gentleman’s Boombox; Rabbit Fur Sweater,  C/FAN; Necklaces, Elise Bergman

Notebook by Suitor


Denim Apron, Winter Session; Raspberry Brioche, Sweet Cakes Bakery


Bow Tie,  Artfully Disheveled; Silk Bow Tie Shirt, Frei; Bow Tie Necklace,  Shades of Grey


Find all these treats — and more — at HoliDose!


Photographed by Lynnette Astaire for CY: contact@cy-magazine.com.