hoosier mama pie

Doser: Hoosier Mama Pie

Founder: Paula Haney

You wish your mama baked like this: Having established a cult following at Green City Market, Paula Haney finally opened up a brick and mortar location in West Town, where she graces the neighborhood with fresh-baked goodness six days a week.

Why we love them: All the pies at HMPC are made by hand with top-notch, seasonally sound ingredients. They also serve knockout scones, muffins, and hand pies.

Products: Assorted pies (sugar cream, apple, lemon chess, blueberry, cherry, banana cream), hand pies (lamb, beef, mushroom), and pie shakes, which Hoosier Mama brought to Dose for the second time in history July 10.

Dose appearances: July 10 and counting.