Scoop for your ‘scope

The planets have aligned and Purple Door Ice Cream will make its Dose debut on October 14. Purple Door Ice Cream comes to Dose by way of Milwaukee, Wisconsin from former teachers Lauren and Steve Schultz.  These two have traded apples for ice cream and taken their love for creativity, learning and forward thinking from the classroom to the kitchen.  In order to prepare you for a taste of this sweet treat, we’ve consulted our celestial chart to give you the scoop on which flavor best suits your sign.

Aries (Cinnamon) Your energetic, passionate — sometimes fiery — personality fits just right with Cinnamon. A hint of spice makes this ice cream nice.

Taurus (Mint Chip) A true Taurus values order and appreciates a reliable, sensible ice cream. Mint chips add a refreshing touch to this creamy treat made with milk sourced from only the best Wisconsin dairies.

Gemini (Fair Trade Banana Chocolate Walnut) A known multi-tasker, we knew just one taste wouldn’t be enough for an enthusiastic Gemini. Subtle banana flavor combined with pieces of walnuts folded into Purple Door’s signature chocolate — need we say more?

Cancer (Raspberry Green Tea) A Cancer is not easily intimidated and appreciates imaginative concepts, therefore we’ve decided Raspberry Green Tea satisfies your desire for ingenuity. Antioxidant rich raspberry and green tea will make your mouth water and your heart happy.

Leo (Raspberry Sorbet) Leo’s, we know you like to go against the grain, which is why Purple Door’s Raspberry Sorbet suits your inventive side. It’s delicious AND dairy-free.

Virgo (Vanilla) With a Virgo it’s yes or no, black or white, chocolate or vanilla. You’re diplomatic and reliable and want those same qualities in your ice cream. Purple Door’s trademark Vanilla is uncomplicated and oh so divine.

Libra (Strawberry) Charming and charismatic, what’s not to love about a Libra? A slightly sweet Strawberry jibes perfectly with your penchant for romance.

Scorpio (Chocolate Guatemala Roast) A traditional chocolate won’t cut it for a tenacious Scorpio. A shot of dark Guatemalan roast adds just the right amount of intensity for your already energetic disposition.

Sagittarius (Salted Caramel) Practical yet fearless. Salty yet sweet.  Salted Caramel provides the precise combination of salt with rich caramel – ideal for a complex Sagittarius.

Capricorn (Chocolate) Capricorns are known for being more reserved, so venturing too far outside the box isn’t always in your nature. Purple Door’s signature Chocolate melds well with your steadfast personality.

Aquarius (Espresso)
 Aquarius, your enigmatic, sometimes rebellious side craves a little something extra. Espresso and ice cream? Parfait.

Pisces (Goat Cheese) Some might shun the idea of cheese and ice cream, but Pisces forward thinking, open-minded temperament doesn’t mind it one bit. Your progressive nature is a flawless fit for this decadent, complex flavor.

The universe remains a mystery and only the stars will tell what delicious flavors Purple Door will bring to Dose on October 14th!