Infinity and beyond

Let’s face it. We’re still a good two weeks from the official arrival of fall, but the nippy weather is indicating otherwise. No doubt we’ll find ourselves bemoaning the loss of long days and late-night ice cream runs in no time, but for now we’re excited about what the season means for fashion.

Case in point: Lydia Brockman‘s gorgeous natural hand-dyed scarves. Made with 100% silk, they’re just the kind of thing we want to curl up in on a cold day. The young designer got hooked on dyeing in a chemistry class at the School of the Art Institute. Extracts from tree bark, roots, berries and bugs make for richly saturated dye colors, and she uses simple tools–rubber bands, wood blocks, needle and thread–to create the intricate, one-of-a-kind patterns.

Pick up one of her infinity scarves (priced five bucks cheaper than her online rate) from the Janice 2011 line or nab a sample from previous collections, priced at $40–$50, at Dose on September 25th!