What’s Dose?

“A beautiful setting full of happy people” – Penny Pollack, Dining Editor, Chicago Magazine

Dose is an ever-dynamic marketplace devoted to showcasing the finest designers, chefs, makers, bakers, entrepreneurs and artists. Since 2011, to the delight of shoppers in Chicagoland and beyond, Dose has worked tirelessly to discover and develop a community, thousands strong, dedicated to excellence and delight. Celebrating the food, fashion and art of those committed to these passionate pursuits,  join us! Get Dosed.

Dose on Food:

We believe good food is an essential part of a rich life. It is comfort, pleasure, fulfillment. It brings people together, and it sets our vendors apart. The local artisans, chefs, bakers and makers at Dose dedicate their lives to creating the finest, most beautiful products available. Come taste for yourself.

Dose on Fashion:

To us, fashion is what’s of-the-moment, style-wise. It’s about what’s new and what’s lasting. It’s what’s happening around us,  aesthetically and experientially. It’s  quality, beauty and pleasure. Above all, fashion at Dose is about the garments, objects and accoutrement that rise above the rest.