La Colombe

Doser: La Colombe

Founder: Todd Carmichael and Jean Philippe Iberti

Why we love them: Co-founders Carmichael and Iberti are passionate about three things: coffee, food, and givine back. Their “culinary coffees” are balanced and round, mindful of the kitchen and designed for the palate. Best of all, all La Colombe coffees are earth conscious. They company is a pioneer of Direct Trade, and their 1,000 Wells Project helps build water sources for underserved communities in Africa.

Products: La Colombe’s classic and reserve blend coffees are available online and at their chilled out West Loop cafe. You can also sample what they’re working on in their Atelier (it’s Haiti – Blue Forest right now).

Dose launches: We partnered with La Colombe on our very own Dose Roast, which launched at the August 14 market.

Dose appearances: August 14, November 6 and counting.