Life’s a Beach

When Chicago skies go gray, the smart among us accessorize to the nines and find the silver lining in statement coats, funky boots and other fabulous accessories.

Enter TwentyThirtyForty darling Sarah Frances Kuhn, who wins our award for the cutest accessories we’ve never heard of. And there aren’t a lot out there.

Kuhn’s camera straps are made for gypsetting photogs, whether shooting street style in Paris or summer scenes in Belize.

Dress up your point-and-shoot or DSLR with wrist straps and shearling-padded necklaces. No need to say cheese: You’ll bring smiles to the faces of both yourself and whomever you’re shooting.

Even better, the TwentyThirtyForty crew will be bringing their online-only shop’s clothing, accessories and shoes. Yep, their entire — and entirely covetable — collection. Get some!