Lisa Spagnolo


Doser: Lisa Spagnolo

Founder: Lisa Spagnolo

What’s in the future for Lisa Spagnolo: “This Fall, Lisa Spagnolo will expand to include menswear.  The line will include classic duffle bags in rich leathers and worn-in denim as well as timeless vintage apparel which will be sold at our online Flea Market store and once a month at Dose Market.  There are a lot of vintage shops out there, but we are very selective in what we choose to sell.  We focus on great quality and classic pieces that come from a time when attention to detail and care in production was key.  We love pieces that only get better with age, like that perfect leather bag or beat-up denim jacket.”

Products: Lisa designs bags, clutches, and totes in cute prints and luxurious leathers with hardware details and stoft feminine touches. She also has a great collection of vintage jewelry, home goods and clothing for sale.

Why we love her: Her “Flea Market Finds” are perfectly picked … and perfectly priced.

Dose launches: LS Menswear on August 14

Dose appearances: June, July, August, September, October, November — Lisa’s a hit, Febraury and counting!