Thanks to our friends from MammothBooth for capturing the love at Dose on Sunday. You can find ALL the photobooth fun here and we’ve shared a few of our favorites below.

Mammothbooth returns to Dose on November 11th with letterpress artist Amanda Jane Jones — who also designs the stunningly beautiful Kinfolk Magazine — for a holiday card making extravaganza!  So come dressed in your best and don’t forget to smile!


The lovely Greta de Parry and crew.

It appears Crush at Dose is working…

We spy the one and only Mr. Graham Kostic of Glossed and Found…..

The man behind the lens. Meet our new Dose Market photog, Josh!

A Dose of this and a Dose of that …

It’s true, men look THAT good in Detroit Denim.

And we always <3 the kiddos!

Thanks for playing! See you next month!