Mindy’s Hot Chocolate

Doser: Mindy’s Hot Chocolate

Founder: Mindy Segal

Why we love her:  Any self-respecting Chicago sugar-lover knows that Mindy’s Hot Chocolate has some of the fiercest sweets in town. Her style owes as much to a playful sense of nostalgia as it does to rigorous technical mastery. (In other words: woman makes a damn good coffee cake.)

Segal’s signature desserts are anchored in traditional flavors, with an original twist, like the Concord grape syrup in “Thoughts on a Peanut Butter Cup,” or sour cream sorbet in the “Dreamsicle.” You can also buy prepackaged chocolates, hot chocolate mixes and, coming soon: homemade marshmallows.

Products: Segal uses Dose to preview baked goods you’ll find at Hot Chocolate 2.0, a new version of the restaurant (with an expanded in-house bakery) opening next year. Look for quiche, sticky buns, rugelach, coffee cakes, demi-baguettes laced with lardo, pots of lemon curd and much, much more.

Dose appearances: August 14, November 6