Mineralogy’s Shiny Stones & Animal Bones

Just ten months ago, Theresa Cowan was sitting in her requisite science class at the School of the Art Institute, finding herself more than a little interested by a discussion about minerals. By late April, this young artist had not only launched a mineral-centric jewelry line, she had landed herself a spot on the Today Show. The simple construction of her designs–wire-wrapping the stones–sheds light on the naturally stunning and complex qualities of rocks such as pyrite and quartz. Looking at the rough-textured, colorful gems reminded us of our elementary school days, polishing up rocks we’d found on rock hunts. That’s not all Cowan has up her sleeve, though. In addition to the signature stone pieces, the spring/summer collection you’ll find at Dose also incorporates animal bones and prehistoric animal teeth. That’s some serious history. Get a sneak peek on her blog!