More S’mores

Campfires have their moments (camp, for starters). But when campfire season ends, so too does one of its finest offerings: s’mores. Why is the snack jettisoned when there’s nary a flame in sight? Thanks to a big-time pastry chef in a tiny Indiana town, s’mores are in season all year long: 240Sweet is bringing back the sweet treat at Dose on Sunday.

Chef Alexa Lemley uses Michigan beet sugar, Ohio glucose and Indiana cornstarch in place of nasty stabilizers, resulting in chewy but not tacky, sweet but not syrupy marshmallows. Flavors range from classic (salty caramel, chocolate hazelnut, Hoosier strawberry) to jazzed up versions like saffron-pistachio and paw paw with bourbon barrel-aged sugar.

Stick ’em between two of Lemley’s homemade grahams, add a slab of good quality chocolate, heat it up, and bam: You’ve got yourself a s’more for the ages. Get yours at Dose!