Nice Cream

Doser: Nice Cream

Founder: Kris Swanberg

Why we love her:  Nice Cream is a community affair. Swanberg collaborates with local artisans (including some fellow Dosers) to create deliciously inventive seasonal flavors. Her Cashew Crunch features Mama’s Nuts cashews; Strawberry Cupcake is swirled with Southport Grocery buttercream frosting.

Local roots: Swanberg is a big believer in using products that promote sustainable and environmentally sound growing practices. Most of Nice Cream’s  fresh produce and dairy comes from farms located within 100 miles of Chicago. The takeaway? Buying one pint of Nice Cream supports local farmers, bakeries, and businesses.

Products: Seasonal ice creams by the pint (Blueberry Pie, Chocolate Basil, Carrot Cake).

Dose appearances: August 14 and counting.