No Meat? Yes, Please.

As the sole non meat-eating Dosette, it’s time I represented my people. And when I say people, I don’t just mean vegetarians; I mean vegetable-lovers.

Mana Food Bar has been feeding the masses since they opened in Wicker Park in 2008. Chef Jill Barron’s food crosses ethnic borders right and left, swirling through India, China, Japan, dipping into Central and South America and coming back to the U.S. In other words, the flavors are inspiring. Meat? What meat? It’s a distant memory at Mana.

On Sunday, Jill will be serving some of Mana’s most sought-after fare: addictive Mana sliders, hearty mushroom-and-brown rice-packed creations topped with spicy aioli and served on a cushy bun. They’re miniature. They’re delicious. You’ll love them.

Sesame noodles with peanut dressing are served cold, but spicy Sriracha brings the heat.

A quinoa salad with almonds, currants, mint, and tangerine adds crisp freshness where crisp freshness is due.

So: Vegetable lovers, go forth. Carnivores, commence. It’s veggie vehemence this month (Peeled is in the mix, too)!