Dose on the scent

We love excellent products. And when it comes to the beauty bunch, we get down with only the best stuff. This Sunday, November 11, Dose presents two all new lines from Midwestern gals.

Searching for ‘your’ scent isn’t easy and being presented with a wall of fragrance can be overwhelming. Enter Goest Perfumes. Goest works with only the best ingredients — you won’t find rose absolute in mainstream perfume — but keeps you in the good stuff without breaking the bank.

Meet Bonnie this month, too. She’ll help whip your complexion into shape with her line of natural beauty products made with high-quality raw ingredients like shea butter, beeswax and plant oils. There’s exfoliating body scrubs, lotions and lip balms to boot.

Get your skin and your scent prepped for the season on 11.11!