Our June Bug

June Blaker is Chicago’s doyenne of fashion. She made her first mark as co-owner of City, a boutique in the ’80s, and ruled the scene as the first person to introduce the artistry of Rei Kawakubo (she has a seriously enviable Comme collection — an archive, really). Since striking out on her own, she’s acquired plenty of ¬†juicy stories from her years in the fashion industry. The coolest thing about June, though, and the reason for her decades of success, is that she falls squarely on the intellectual side of the fashion conversation. Now, at her destination boutique on Orleans, she does for the home what she always did for the body — bringing the best of what’s interesting and of the highest quality to bear. As a sneak peek, admire a few of our favorite things:

Her sculptural pieces, like the above candelabra, are fantastic little pieces of art. And she sells the best tapers in Chicagoland. Period.

There are lots of knockoffs in the world, but June’s bugs (from butterflies to beatles) are sourced from eco-aware preserves. In other words, these beauties aren’t poached, just pure, lasting relics of life.

Plus, there’s lots of personal accoutrement to recommend at June Blaker, from structural shot glasses to soaps to, as seen above, a selection of sleek umbrellas.

I would argue that her finest pieces are Blaker’s own handmade beaded works. The above collar is exactly on point and feels like a billion bucks when you tie it on over a t-shirt, a LBD, or alone with some fierce lingerie.

Yeah, she’s the real deal. She’ll be dosing selections from her collections September 25!