Pay Dirt

The Dosettes are wash-and-wear kinds of girls: the fewer steps, the better — we’re busy! (Who isn’t?)

When we found Dirt we thought: pay dirt!

One step to smooth, hydrated skin? Yes, please. These vitamin E-soaked, coconut-, joboba- and avocado-rich body scrubs are made in Chicago and do their magic by exfoliating and moisturizing at the same time.

Taking two years to develop and perfect the all-natural recipes, founder Lisa Newell packs her pots with all kinds of healthy elements: pumice, Epsom salt, raspberry seeds, lavender, fig, shea butter … we could go on!


Feels great, smells great. The coolest part (besides shortening our morning regimen) is the reasoning behind the brand name: Lisa believes that the things we’re most ashamed of ourselves are the very things that make us most beautiful to others — that dirty stuff we’d rather stuff under the rug.

Every time you open your jar it’s an invitation to celebrate yourself, as-is.¬†Get Dirt-y with us at Dose!