Pleasant House Bakery

Doser: Pleasant House Bakery

Founders: Husband and wife team Art Jackson and Chelsea Kalberloh Jackson

Why we love them: Pleasant House is all about British-style comfort food. That translates to savory pie, pasties, Scotch eggs, spuds and mash, crumpets, and the like. Delicious salads, comprised of ingredients plucked straight from Pleasant House’s gardens (there are four), add balance to an otherwise hefty snack.

Products: Pleasant House specializes in traditional and modern savory pies and specialty sweets. Royal Pies (Mushroom and Kale, Steak and Ale) are handmade using the best meats and quality produce. For a top notch experience, sit down for a meal at their charming Bridgeport storefront.

Dose appearances: August 14, September 25, and counting.