Put. The. Screen. Down.


So we can open up a conversation with the kids about screens in windows, architecture and beauty. There is a great story in Chicago magazine about a little Doser called Lille Huset who isn’t so little anymore. In the article, Alyson, the creator of this storied little line of dollhouses and more, said:

“I knew this would be a subversive way to introduce kids to architecture and design. Within the first 10 minutes of selling them at Dose market, I sold out.”

We love this kind of talk. Read the full story here and don’t miss Lille Huset back at Dose on September 21st, delivering in a big way. You just can’t snooze on these impeccably crafted houses.

Because, really, all we really want to see are those little imaginations soaring. And, of course, you carrying one of these impossibly cool Chicago architecture totes around the West Loop. And hanging one of her inspired storybook designs on your toddler’s wall.