Rare Bird Preserves

Doser: Rare Bird Preserves

Founder: Elizabeth Madden

Why she makes jam: After a one-day jam class during her program at The French Pastry School, Madden knew it was what she wanted to do. “I want to treat jams the way people treat chocolates–with a more modern approach.”

Products: Seasonal, small-batch preserves in flavors like lemon-blueberry, cherry-lime, apple-caramel, and strawberry-rose, plus a trio of phenomenal curds (Meyer lemon, passion fruit, blackberry-lime).

Why we love her: Madden’s pitch-perfect flavors naturally evolve with the seasons. Her use of herbs, chocolate, and natural pectin gives her an edge above the rest.

Dose launches: July 10, blackberry lime curd; September 25, raspberry-St. Germain jelly

Dose appearances: June 5, July 10, and October 16.