Scrumptious Pantry


Doser: Scrumptious Panty

Founder: Lee Greene

How she picks her products: “My background is in wine, and I’m a firm believer in terroir. Food has a sense of place depending on where it’s from,” says Greene.

Why we love them: Greene met many of the artisans and organic or biodynamic farmers she features today while working at a biodynamic vineyard in Tuscany. Today she puts the photos of the people who grew and produced her meticulously sourced goods right on the labels of her boxes and jars, so there’s no doubt about the people–and the passion–behind the products.

Products: Artisanal pastas, rice, oils, cookies and condiments imported from Tuscan farmers, plus a line of sauces and pickles made with produce from the Midwest.

Launches: Chile oils, Italian olive oil infused with a variety of peppers grown on the producer’s organic farm.